The Peloponnese peninsula is in south western Greece separated from the central part of the country by the Isthmus and Gulf of Corinth. The area is literally the stuff of legends; Paris of Troy eloped from here with Helen and the Argonauts set sail from these shores. It is also home to the original Olympic games and Ancient Olympia is one of the not-to-be-missed highlights of the region.
Like much of Greece the region has had a rich and chequered history and many civilisations have left their mark, with classical temples, Mycenean palaces, Byzantine cities and Ottoman and Venetian fortresses
Surrounded by the sea on all sides the Peloponnese has some fabulous beaches and beautiful clear water.
The region is also famed for it’s olive production with Kalamata olives being exported all over the world.

Methoni fortress

Say YES to the Peloponnese...

    • Ancient Olympia- home of the original games
    • Nafplio town
    • Ancient cities of Corinth, Mycenae and Messini
    • Kalmata olive region

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