The Cyprus Government has recently announced plans to re-start tourism in 2021. They have prepared a list of 56 countries for whom there will be a relaxation in current travel restrictions, the list includes EU member states, European Economic Area states, Third countries featured on the EU Council Recommendation document and others including the UK, Russia and Israel.

The government has also created a new categorization system detailing entry requirements for each of the 4 new categories. The new system comes into effect on 15th January and the transitional period will last until February 28th, during this period countries will be categorized as Green, Orange, Red or Grey based on their epidemiological state. From March 1st the 56 countries will move only between Green, Orange and Red essentially guaranteeing entry to Cyprus subject to certain conditions.

The system aims to ensure flight connectivity to the island whilst still safeguarding public health. The Cyprus Government has also reiterated that they will continue to provide support to any visitor who tests positive for Coronavirus during their stay and their close contacts. In case of a positive test the Government will transfer the patient and close contacts to a designated facility (hotel or hospital as required) and cover the cost of accommodation, food and medication.